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innovation in Intelligent Management of Heritage Buildings (i2MHB)

TD COST Action TD1406

Innovation in Intelligent Management of Heritage Buildings (i2MHB)

Action duration: June 1, 2015 – April 30, 2019

The objective of this Action is to create a pan-European open network, to promote synergies between Heritage Sciences specialists, industrial stakeholders and research/education players, to achieve a unified common understanding and operation in the Heritage Buildings domain, integrating multidisciplinary expertise, technology and know-how through a novel and independent global framework.




3D documentation of selected examples of Bulgarian traditional residential architecture

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3D documentation of selected examples of Bulgarian traditional residential architecture

The National Research Fund at Bulgarian Ministry of Education aproved a supplementary project to the Action TD1406 “Innovation in Intelligent Management of Heritage Buildings” (i2MHB)”. It was possible due to the funding scheme in support of research activities in Bulgaria that are supplementary to the ongoing COST actions and could contribute and give value added to COST action goals and agenda.

The project addresses 3D documentation of selected examples of Bulgarian traditional residential architecture recognized by law as cultural heritage in order to allow its protection, physical and social adaptation. 3D digital documentation will be used to perform virtual restoration and creation of opportunity for conservation and proper management of buildings. Residential architecture is closely related to social and cultural life of society and reflect its essential aspects. In the greatest extent this applies to residential buildings recognized as monuments of immovable cultural heritage. The value of the preserved examples of residential architecture in Bulgaria, combined with the fact of lack of sufficient information for most of them, as well as the processes of their intensifying deterioration in time requires a comprehensive documentation by means of obtaining of three-dimensional information.

The project foresees:

  • selection and preliminary investigations of outstanding examples of housing architecture that are listed according to Bulgarian Law on Preservation of Immovable Cultural Monuments;
  • 3D scanning of selected cultural monuments, combined with eventual three-dimensional virtual reconstruction of destroyed building parts;
  • systematization and online exposition of digitalized examples of residential architecture;
  • dissemination of the results through media and seminar

Dr. arch. Georgi Georgiev,

Associate Professor,

New Bulgarian University – Project Leader


RESCULT is a research project that aims to enhance the capability of Civil Protection (CP) to prevent and mitigate impacts of disasters on sites of Cultural Heritage (CH). This will be done through the realization of an integrated European Interoperable Database (EID) for CH, designed to provide a unique framework for CP, national Ministries of CH, the European Union (EU), local authorities. Moreover, RESCULT will provide a disaster risk reduction strategy identifying tailored actions and investments to improve both prevention and resilience capacities.

Specifically, RESCULT is working on the following three overall objectives:

  1. Improvement of the Disaster Risk Reduction strategy (for prevention and resilience), according to the principles of Sendai Framework.
  2. Increase cooperation and interoperability between EU member states for the sake of protecting Cultural Heritage (information sharing, interoperable protocols, best practices dissemination, alignment with EU policies/standards
  3. Enhancement of the capability of Civil Protection Bodies to understand/prevent/mitigate disasters impacts on Cultural Heritage

First User Forum in Venice

The User Forum will let different stakeholders operating in the field of Cultural Heritage Protection and Emergency Management discuss the conceptual model of the European Interoperable Database (EID) that will be implemented in ResCult project: 


Aguilar de Campoo, a meeting point for experts on innovation in the field of heritage

Innovation in the field of heritage is the focus of the training school which was held from 27th until 29th January in Aguilar de Campoo, Palencia, sponsored by the European association COST (European Cooperation for Science and Technology).

26 students and researchers from Spain, Portugal, Croatia, Israel, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Slovenia and Italy will try to forge new lines of study and work.

The training sessions took place at the headquarters of the Foundation Santa María la Real del Patrimonio Histórico.

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