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i2MHB Action is creating a pan-European open network, to promote synergies between Heritage Science's specialists, industrial stakeholders and research/education players, to achieve a unified common understanding and operation in the Heritage Buildings’ domain, integrating multidisciplinary expertise, technology and know-how through a novel and independent global framework.


This can be materialized in the form of:

  1. A common framework, which clearly defines:
    • Data collection and distilling (classification) of good and sound experiences related with preservation and rehabilitation of HBs. This implies the development of knowledge and data exchange between all Action members, having the main objective to assure the establishment of a common understanding regarding the complex problematic that must be solve in creating the HBs framework.
    • Development of common and adequate procedures in relation with the goal of the new framework. These correlated procedures will leverage the latent synergies between the different Action members. At the same time, these synergies will allow the coagulation of multi-criteria optimization procedures that should be included in the common framework.
    • Development of a clear "back-processing" system, able to organic contribute at the enriching of know- how in the field of HBs preservation and their social and cultural valorization. The back- processing frame will allow not only the analysis and improving of data collections with good/bad examples, it also sources for new interoperability paradigms in development towards the creation of the common language. At the same time, this process will reveal better which is the impact on the full understanding of HBs rehabilitation and daily operation using the developed framework.
  1. The Action will develop a proposal for a "white book" that will illustrate the synthesis of interoperability activities that will improve the sustainability aspects related with HBs preservation. This white book will result from the collaboration with local, regional, countries and European authorities that will be attracted to actively participate. The aspects that will be tackled in this "white book" are very complex, because they will synthesize a large variety of aspects, from i) buildings energy efficiency, ii) zero-emission buildings, iii) preservation of sense and cultural role of HBs integrated into the urban and natural landscape and iv) evolution of HBs fund and its preservation at European level. In this sense, it will develop a roadmap of technologies suitable to be use in HBs rehabilitation and operation processes. An inventory register will be made regarding HBs' best practices related with i2MHB Action members' on going projects.
  1. A Public Report will be produced regarding "Integration of HBs into their surroundings", which will focus on study and optimization of HBs integration into the urban and natural landscape. It will address preservation and valorization of specific HBs’ characteristics and features in order to preserve the original facet and make it as much as possible realistic concerning ages, history and other related characteristics.
  1. A brochure will emphasize the social role played by HBs in leveraging the socio-cultural dimension in different European countries. A large exchange of experiences, that will include contributions from local, regional and national authorities, will assure a better understanding of the message transmitted by HBs to society. The work at this brochure will be the result of a systematic approach made by conceiving, spreading, collecting, analysing and synthesizing the results of questionnaires addressed to large target groups. This activity will provide a large database which, itself, will improve the framework.
  1. The Action will provide an open and extensible dissemination platform through which the new interactive, distributed and networked technologies deployed as mobile multifunctional devices will allow the extraction, exploration and collection of memories, actions and events. Managing actors can collaboratively pull apart and arrange memories, linking ideas, places, actions and events into meaningful historical stories, shaping and challenging individual understanding, comparing and contrasting their own individual stories. This platform will be available through the Actions's web portal, which also works as a virtual network connecting all Action partners.