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The Management Committee (MC), chaired by the Chair, coordinates and supervises the implementation of activities and ensures that the goals of the Action are met. The MC installed a Core Group (CG) which is responsible for the operative management work.

The CG assists the MC and is composed by the Chair and the Vice-Chair of the Action, the WG leaders, the Chair of the STSM. The main focus of the CG activities is on the support for the MC while it assures an unobstructed cooperation between WGs, monitors the quality of work, sets clear milestones and prepares MC meetings. The CG activities consider special care of the cooperation with other COST Actions as well as with relevant national and international organizations and industrial partners. Gender-coordination will take care of appropriate consideration of the gender agenda in the Actions activities.

WG Leaders are responsible for the coordination of activities within WG and report to the CG and MC.

List of MC-Members: