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Activities of the WG 3

Activities in 2017

2017 started with a WG3 strategic core group meeting at Château de Germolles, Mellecey, FR on February, 08-09.


Minutes of the meeting

Presentations of the meeting


Activities of WG3 continued in June 2017 with a meeting in Roma of the members of the WG3 core group meeting where the contents of the future public report were discussed.

Minutes of the meeting


Activities in 2016

In 2016 we refined the topics of interest and attributed tasks to the coordination team.

WG3_topics of interest

The first WG3 meeting on the integration of heritage buildings in their surroundings was held in parallel to WG4 meeting in Riga on 13-14 April 2016.                                 


The WG3 section of the meeting was the occasion to present WG3 topics of interest and recent achievements (see programme below)

Programme of the meeting


The 1st WG3 Think Tank covered WG3 topic of interest (3.A4): "Reuse / refitting of HBs and sites"

 Links with WG4 were reinforced during the meeting.

Following Riga's meeting, WG3 leader and moderators of topic of interest 3A4 worked in team to produce a list of representative HBs and sites in I2MHB countries with various reuse / refitting issues (see below).

I2MHB_list of representative HBs and sites with various reuse / refitting

Current outcomes on the reuse / refitting of HBs and sites and their integration in the surroundings

This list is currently disseminated and the HBs and sites selected should be used to illustrate activities within WG3.

Activities in 2015

In 2015 WG3 built its coordinating team and defined its topics of interest (see WG3 homepage).

The WG is leaded by Dr Christian Degrigny (FR) (leader) and Anna Lobovikov-Katz (IL) (co-leader)


The management meeting in Porto (October 2015) was the occasion to start developing our strategy and propose topics of interest.

Minutes of the WG3 meeting in Porto

 The rest of the year was used to precise the topics of interest and choose moderators for each of them.


                 Dr. Shirley Cefai (MT)    Prof. José Eloy Hortal Monoz (SP)      Mr. Marko Marinkovic (RS)


Prof. Luisa Migliorati (IT)    Prof. Petros Patias (GR)      Arch. Alice Tavares Costa (PT)      Ass. Prof. Margareta Turkakj Podmanicki (HR)