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Next Meetings

  • Working Group Meeting, WG3, Rome, Italy, 22 June 2017
  • Working Group Meeting, WG2, Funchal, Portugal, 26 June 2017
  • Working Group Meeting, Other COST relevant meeting, WG4 in conjunction with ESR workshop, Brussels, Belgium 17 July 2017
  • Management Committee Meeting, La Valetta, Malta, 25 September 2017
  • Core Group Meeting and WG5, Berlin, Germany, 19 October 2017

Past Meetings

  • Think tank and Action meeting on heritage buildings and their surroundings in conjunction with ESR workshop on Common Framework, with joint CG meeting and Industrial Day Nancy, France, 21-22 March 2017
  • Think Tank and Action meeting on Data collection and classification (Common Framework) in conjunction with Extended meeting with local and regional authorities of European countries, with Joint 3rdMC meeting Cyprus, 2-4 November 2016
  • Action Meeting and Think Tank on Heritage Buildings and their Surroundings (WG3) in conjunction with Meeting on Social Engagement in Heritage Buildings (WG4), with Joint 2ndCG meeting Architects House, Torņa Street 11, Riga, Latvia, 13-14 April 2016
  • M2 - COST meeting on interoperability (WG2) in conjunction with Second Management Committee Meeting Casa Das Artes, Porto, Portugal, 7-8 October 2015
  • First Core Group Meeting COST Association Premises, Brussels, 24 July 2015
  • First Management Committee Meeting COST Association Premises, Brussels, 6-7 May 2015