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Working Groups

The Action identifies 5 working packages, which will be undertaken by the Working Groups:


WG 1 – Leader: Gumersindo Bueno Benito (ES) vice – leader: Prof. Andrina Granić (HR)


  • Data collection and distilling (classification) of good and sound experiences related with preservation and rehabilitation of HBs. 
  • Development of common and adequate procedures in relation with the goal of the new framework. 
  • Development of a clear “back-processing” system, able to organic contribute at the enriching of know- how in the field of HBs preservation and their social and cultural valorization. 

WG 2 – Leader: Dr. Piero Tiano (IT) vice – leader:  Prof. Ricardo Gonçalves (PT)


  • Semantic of interoperability
  • Modelling
  • Applications
  • Services for HB systems’ interoperability
  • Implementation of HB Interoperability

WG 3 – Leader: Dr. Christian Degrigny (FR) vice – leader: Dr. Anna Lobovikov-Katz (IL)


  • Heritage buildings/sites perspective
  • Surroundings perspective
  • Combined perspectives

WG 4 – Leader: Prof Miljenko Jurkovic  (HR) vice – leader Dr Paulo Amaral (PT)


  • Theme 1: Heritage buildings in context
  • Theme 2: The social-cultural role played by heritage buildings and their impact on society
  • Theme 3: Social engagement in heritage buildings
  • Theme 4: Good practice in social engagement in heritage buildings

WG 5 – Leader: Dr Anna Sadowska (PL) vice – leader Dr Rebecca Vital (IL)


  • Coordination and deployment-leading currently by Dr. Anna Sadowska are dedicated to management and dissemination of the action’s main results.
  • Being of primordial importance it serves as a bridge among other WGs’ activities where via networking and outreach of the results  provide training activities, gender balance issues and involvement of young researchers.