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Description of WG

Working Group 3 activities focus on the study and optimization of heritage buildings integration into their urban and natural landscape.

A Public Report will eventually be produced. This activity will involve a study of preservation technologies, an analysis of technologies and know how necessary to ensure the preservation of original aspect; emphasizing at the same time the most valuable elements with historical, artistic or social significance.

Innovative technologies such as new multimedia technologies, augmented reality technologies and artistic initiative will be discussed and will be considered for selected rehabilitation works.

Regarding exterior landscape integration, architectural studies will be encouraged in order to better emphasize the role of Heritage Buildings in preserving or improving landscape splendour.

As for the case of interior rehabilitation, augmented reality methodologies will be encouraged in order to generate “new face", more in line with historic and specificity.

Two extended think tank meetings will be organised focusing on selected rehabilitation projects. The first draft of the report will subject to a public discussion, before the final version being issued.

Main tasks and Goals

To achieve the production of the Public report, WG3 has defined several “topics of interest” that are related to HBs /sites, surroundings or both.


Topic 3.A1: Optimised protection of HBs & sites

Topic 3.A2: Conservation work on damaged parts of HBs

Topic 3.A3: Replacement / reconstruction of missing parts on HBs

Topic 3.A4: Re-use / retrofitting of HBs & sites



Topic 3.B1: Legal protection of the surroundings - modification / reshaping / functional change of surroundings

Topic 3.B2: Highlighting of HBs

Topic 3.B3: Virtual HBs / sites: augmented reality and 3D reconstructions



Topic 3.C1: Correlation between visual and technological characteristics

Topic 3.C2: Documentation and monitoring of HBs & sites / surroundings


The “topics of interest” will be developed by WG3 coordinating team with contributions from WG3 members. Information will be compiled on each “topic of interest”, discussed between members and should eventually constitute the contents of the Public report.



Our strategy can be summarized as follows:

The following figure is illustrating the organisation of WG3 topics of interest

As shown below these “topics of interest” are interconnected