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Description of WG

WG4 ‘Social Dimension of Heritage Buildings’ will produce a brochure on the social role played by heritage buildings in leveraging the socio-cultural dimension in different European countries.

The brochure will draw upon a diverse range of contributions from local, regional and national authorities and society stakeholders.


Main tasks and Goals

WG4 activities are structured into two work streams: specific key themes and country-specific perspective.

Social engagement in heritage buildings - specific key themes

Theme 1: Heritage buildings in context

1.1 Definition of heritage buildings

1.2 Preservation and conservation of heritage buildings

1.3 Structure of the heritage building sector

1.4 Categories of heritage buildings

1.5 Key legislation protecting heritage buildings

1.6 Key actor groups involved in the protection of heritage buildings and their role in the process

Theme 2: The social-cultural role played by heritage buildings and their impact on society

2.1 The social-cultural role heritage buildings play

2.2 Impact on society

Theme 3: Social engagement in heritage buildings

3.1 Definition of social engagement

3.2 Key challenges facing social engagement in heritage buildings

3.3 Methods and tools used in social engagement in heritage buildings

Theme 4: Good practice in social engagement in heritage buildings


Social engagement in heritage buildings: country-specific perspective

The country-specific perspective is to address themes 1 to 3 (see above) from individual country perspectives.

The WG 4 has a four-year programme organised into seven phases:

Phase 1: Position papers for ‘specific key themes’ and ‘individual country perspectives (Year 1).

Phase 2: Cross-country analysis of position papers (Year 1).

Phase 3: Development of social engagement questionnaire and report structure (Year 1).

Phase 4: Implementation of questionnaire (Year 2).  

Phase 5: Identification and collation of social engagement good practice
(Year 3).  

Phase 6: Analysis of questionnaire results (Year 3).  

Phase 7: WG4 final report (Year 4).  

Specific Objectives

O1 Position papers on the country specific perspectives and cross-country analysis (M4, D1)

O2 – Questionnaire establishment, deployment; essessment  of questionnaire results, and report preparation (M4, M17, D3).

O3 Good practicies from authorities (M8, M20, D10)

O4 – Brochure preparation (D11)

O5 – Outreach Activities (2 extending meetings, 1 EU conference)

3rd MC Meeting, WG4 Progress Report, November 3, 2016